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5 Nov 2018 Here are 19 films about an apocalypse, ranked from worst to best. Debuting the same summer as the very similar "Armageddon," 1998's "Deep. Survivors of the apocalypse vie for power on a moving train in "Snowpiercer.

12 May 2015 The Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies, Ranked by Imminent Danger With epic reboots like Mad Max: Fury Road, we decided to dig through the post-apocalyptic film genre and see which movies, in the Snowpiercer (2013). 10 great post-apocalyptic films | BFI 4 Nov 2016 Life after the end of the world doesn't look pretty in these 10 classic all the best post-apocalyptic films have one eye on this fractured future, and where it might lead.. our quartet exhibit similar, if less carnivorous, behaviour before the Snowpiercer, a mammoth train that ceaselessly circumnavigates the 

Snowpiercer is the enthralling and thought-provoking post-apocalyptic graphic novel that inspired the critically acclaimed movie starring Chris Evans (Captain America, Fantastic Four). Originally pub… More.

19 apocalypse movies, ranked from worst to best - Insider 5 Nov 2018 Here are 19 films about an apocalypse, ranked from worst to best. Debuting the same summer as the very similar "Armageddon," 1998's "Deep. Survivors of the apocalypse vie for power on a moving train in "Snowpiercer.

Not another post-apocalyptic movie. - Evenimente din Cluj Napoca. In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a woman rebels against a tyrannical ruler in search for her homeland with the aid of a group of female prisoners, a psychotic worshiper Которые лучше видеть, чем не видеть. Мы их расставили по порядку — первыми пустили те, что послабее, а далее нагнетали, нагнетали и нагнетали. For this list, we're looking at the best flicks set after global disasters. We’re including animated movies, but excluding anime, which deserves a list of its very own. We looked through every single post apocalyptic movie on Netflix to find you the best of the best. If it's about species survival or the end of the world, and it's good, we probably Ищите идеи на тему «Apocalyptic movies» и сохраняйте их в Pinterest.

Экшн, драма, фантастика. Режиссер: Bong Joon Ho. Земля. Недалекое будущее. Семнадцать лет назад на планете произошла техногенная катастрофа. Там, где раньше росли леса и цвели сады, теперь лежат снег и лед. Жизнь сохранилась The official trailer has arrived for Snowpiercer, a series adaptation of the Post-Apocalyptic movies can be immensely fascinating to watch in that they depict a dystopian world, wrecked Newsletter. Accessibility Statement. The Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies, Ranked by Imminent Danger. Action, drama, science fiction. Director: Bong Joon Ho (as Joon-ho Bong). In a future where a failed global-warming experiment kills off most life on the planet, a class system evolves aboard the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe via a perpetual-motion engine. Bong Joon-ho's post-apocalyptic tale of the last remnants of humankind trapped on a train to nowhere is the kind of idea-driven science fiction that deserves to The post-apocalyptic sci-fi film from South Korean director Bong Joon-ho is set in a future in which a failed experiment to put an end to global warming has resulted in an ice age

While dystopian movies deal with a society gone wrong, post-apocalyptic movies take place in a world where society has ended. In one way, the concept is actually quite optimistic, as it presumes that no matter how the world ends, someone will survive to keep mankind going.

9 Most Riveting Post-Apocalyptic Movies | IndieWire 28 Aug 2015 9 Most Riveting Post-Apocalyptic Movies. Bong Joon Ho Duped Harvey Weinstein With a Hilarious Lie to Save 'Snowpiercer' Scene  Scorched Earth: 25 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies

27 Jun 2017 My 8 Dystopian sci-fi movies mini-review & recommendations. If you're only want to watch the best imo, check these out. Support this channel 

Snowpiercer offers an audaciously ambitious action spectacular for filmgoers numb to effects-driven blockbusters. Фильмы про конец света всегда были популярными - ибо страх всеобщего конца всегда владел умами и сердцами людей. Всего несколько десятков лет назад этот страх обрел уже осязаемые черты в лице ядерного оружия Rare Post Apocalyptic Movies. 53 likes · 6 talking about this. More in the ‘post-apocalyptic movies’ genre, but a great film to start the list with for just how bleak and hopeless (and palpable) it makes the end times

30 Mar 2019 Perhaps that is why we're fascinated with post-apocalyptic movies. amazing flicks about the undead to take over the list like a horde of flesh-eaters.. playing the rebellious Curtis in Joon-ho Bong's prolific film, Snowpiercer.

Post-apocalyptic movies hit a note with me that I can’t quite put my finger on, but it all stretches back to my love of zombie movies. Snowpiercer, directed by Bong Joon-ho and starring Chris Evans, is an ambitious, critically acclaimed new Most similar movies to Snowpiercer. The list contains related movies ordered by similarity. Recommendation engine sorted out serious, futuristic Check out these uplifting post-apocalyptic movies and see if Logan doesn't have more in common with them than you'd think. Yes, this is another post apocalyptic movie that is really more about class and the 99% vs. the 1% like “The Hunger Games.” 9 Most Riveting Post-Apocalyptic Movies. Emily Buder. Aug 28, 2015 4:36 pm. 19 apocalypse movies, ranked from worst to best.